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Intuitive Artist, Teacher and Healer

Rachel Auton, Psychic Art and Intuitive Healer

My name is Rachel Auton, I count myself very lucky that I was brought up as a Spiritualist therefore I have always been open to the Psychic and Spiritual realms, I attended my first deep trance Mediumship circle at the young age of 12 and was in healing groups at the age of 9.

I have always been on my spiritual path and its very natural for me to want to be of service and to help people. As a child I used to play with fairies and little people. I have always been a healer and artistic I feel very blessed that I have been aware of spirit and angels since childhood.

I am a Master Reiki Practitioner and have been attuned to various other healing techniques as well, but I prefer to work with Reiki and Angelic Healing energies.

I work closely with spirit and the angels. I have been teaching Reiki for over 9 years and teach in small groups or one to one environments.

I am also Angel Intuitive, although I have always called myself this I was certified by Doreen Virtue in 2009.I started my journey as a Psychic Artist in 2010 and this has evolved into what I offer today.

I am a clear Channel for spirit and the angels my strongest gift is Clairsentience and I often become the energy I am drawing or channelling for healing.

My Life Purpose is to be of Service via my Healing Arts, I am also a Cat Lover, Animal Lover, Mum, Organic Gardener and a Vegetarian.